This man got a CROCODILE to help him propose to his girlfriend

When it comes to proposals, we’ve seen it all! Choreographed dance routines, hidden cameras at Disney and fake movie trailers. While those proposals are nothing short of ah-mazing, Mashable brought us something completely different…a crocodile.

Are we talking about the multi-trillion-year-old predator? That crocodile? Yes. That one!

Crocodile handler, Billy, chose a very unique place to pop the question: The Australian Reptile Park, where he works.

Once inside the crocodile pit, Billy called Siobhan into the pit with him. While baiting the reptile out of the water, he told the audience about his relationship with girlfriend, Siobhan.

"Three years ago next week I actually met the girl of my dreams," Billy confessed. "...the girl I love more than anything."

With the crocodile only a few feet away, Billy gets down on one knee to ask the love of his life to spend forever with him. And, she said yes! Hopefully not just to get out of the pit very fast! But a yes is still a yes!

Only in Australia, right?!

See the full video of the proposal below! This will definitely be a story they’ll want to share!

Congratulations, Billy and Siobhan! May your life be as adventurous as this proposal! And may all croc pals stay at a safe distance.

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