A Mexican mayor married a crocodile because of a 228-year-old tradition

It’s not every day that we get to celebrate the wedding of a human and reptile. But today is a blessed day, and we get to commemorate exactly that. Mayor Victor Aguilar of San Pedro Huamelula, Oaxaca, Mexico married a crocodile in honor of a tradition that dates back to 1789.

The symbolic marriage represents the union of two competing indigenous tribes. The Chontales and the Huaves shared the same land and competed for fishing territory — until a prince from the Chortle tribe and a princess from the Huaves tribe got married. It is said the Huaves people could transform into any animal, and the princess transformed into a crocodile, journeying to San Pedro Huamelula by sea. The symbolic marriage with the crocodile represents the union between the two tribes.


The best part is how seriously this tradition is taken. In the above video, the mayor says how in the marriage, he doesn’t represent an authority figure, but a groom to the bride-to-be. During the ceremony, an indigenous leader asks the Mayor if he accepts the crocodile as his wife. The croc may not be full-sized, but it’s not stuffed either, which counts for something!

Overall, the bride looked beautiful in a white beaded gown and matching veil. Her soon-to-be hubby wore all white, too. And although many called the croc “princess,” her name after the ceremony was to be Ema Narváez Muñoz, which is the real name of Mayor Aguilar’s wife. false

The mayor made the ceremony official when he said yes to the bride’s hand and kissed his beautiful, and probably blushing, bride.

In typical newlywed fashion, the two hit the dance floor for some celebrating. The last part of the celebration included casting a net on the newlyweds, a symbolic act to seal the intention of blessing the fishing season ahead. Either way, we’re crossing our fingers that this marriage promises abundant fishing for all.

Congrats to the newlyweds!

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