This woman perfectly addresses all her critics who say stay-at-home moms can’t be feminists

Hilariously honest blogger, internet personality, and Australian author Constance Hall has an important message to share about motherhood and feminism. A woman known to have a strong (and often spot-on) opinions, she recently posted a photo and blurb on her Instagram (@mrsconstancehall) about the trash she’s been hearing from judgmental folks who say that stay-at-home moms can’t be feminists.

What a load of crap, she declares. She’s heard a lot of crazy things in her time, like people asking her to do above-and-beyond, time-consuming favors for them because she “doesn’t work.” But for someone to say that a stay-at-home mother isn’t a feminist has crossed the line.

“Mums who don’t have paid employment absolutely can be feminists. Exercising your rights to raise your family the way that works best for you is a fucking feminist thing to do. Equality can absolutely exist in a house that one parent remains at home in and I for one have had to fight for it, so I’m not letting anyone tell me it’s not real.”

Fist pumping yet? We are.

She goes on to remind the world that being a stay-at-home is freakin’ hard. It’s a difficult job that goes on 24/7, and that this image we have of a docile ’50s housewife who tucks the kids in bed and waits on the “heroic husband” is long gone. Stay-at-home moms these days are “busy and fierce,” Constance says.

“Whether her decisions to stay at home were based on a child’s disability, a financial decision or the fact that she just fucking likes it… She can still be a feminist.”

Mic drop. We’re sure moms everywhere are rejoicing in Constance’s latest words. Can’t wait to see what she’s got in store for us next.

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