12 critical questions we have before the “Girls” finale, because we’re not ready to let go

It’s been six emotionally draining, hilarious, and memorable seasons of HBO’s show Girls. We’ll be sad to say goodbye to Hannah, Jessa, Marnie, Shoshanna, Elijah, Adam, and Ray. But we know they’re off to do bigger and better things — or are they? The burning question most of us have is whether any of the Girls characters will reach some sort of indicator of adulthood before the finale. We can’t really be sure.

At the end of last night’s episode, all four of the girls danced in their own little corners at Shoshanna’s engagement party, leaving it very ambiguous whether they’ll actually mend their friendships or go their separate ways. Also, we saw that Hannah is moving herself to upstate New York to take that new job. That still doesn’t answer all our questions, though. We’ve got a few inquiries that we hope will be answered in next week’s finale. You never know, though; we might be left with some serious cliffhangers.

Here are 12 critical questions we have before the end of Girls is upon us.

1Will Hannah actually keep her baby?

Obviously, this is the biggest question of them all. We simply must know whether Hannah is going to go through with becoming a mother or if she’s going to decide last minute that she wants to give her baby up for adoption. We support her either way, but we think she’d better off deciding sooner rather than later.

2Will Hannah like or even keep her new job?

She doesn’t exactly have the best track of keeping her jobs. She tried to sleep with one of her previous bosses, then showed her vagina to another one. We have our doubts that she’ll actually enjoy this new teaching position — but we hope she proves us wrong.

3Are Jessa and Adam going to end up together?

Their toxic relationship seems to work on some sick level, but there have been so many ups and downs that we can’t help but wonder what the outcome will be.

4Do Marnie and Desi ever reconcile?

The last time we saw these two speak, Desi was in rehab and Marnie was way too self-absorbed, as usual, for the conversation to go anywhere useful. We hope Desi finds treatment for his addiction, but even if he does, that won’t immediately resolve everything that’s happened between them.

5Does Elijah kill it in his new role on Broadway?!

We’re pretty sure the answer to that question is YES, so we can’t wait to see what happens when he takes to the stage for White Men Can’t Jump.

6Will Ray and Abigail fall into a relationship?

As much as we desperately wanted Ray and Shoshanna to end up together, we wouldn’t be so upset if Ray and Abigail gave it a shot. They seemed to have some pretty strong chemistry.

7Do we get to see Shoshanna’s wedding?

Shoshanna and Byron are so cute together, and we’re sure that Shoshanna’s wedding plans would include some cute tradition she loves and remembers from the Japanese culture. Can we get an invitation, please?

8Do Caroline and Laird stay together to raise Sample?

Caroline seems, er, much better than how she was before, so we hope she feels inclined to stick around and give it a shot with Laird. (As long as they quit putting Sample in those matching beanies, for crying out loud.)

9Does Hannah’s mom hold up okay?

Let’s face it — Hannah’s mom wasn’t doing so great the last time we saw her. She ate a whole bag of pot gummies and puked all over a table at a Chinese restaurant. She’s not really taking this split from Tad very well, and Hannah had to play the role of mother the last time they were together. We hope Loreen finds her way back to happiness.

10Will Hannah’s dad and his new boyfriend stay together?

It was a little hard to believe that Tad and his boyfriend, who he met on Gay.com, were that comfortable after only a few months together. Will this new couple stand the test of time?

11Will Elijah and Dill get back together?

We know that Dill is a totally flawed character (he tried to adopt a white baby, y’all), but there’s something irresistible about him and Elijah together. They clearly still have feelings for each other, so we’re wondering if they’ll give it another shot.

12Which friends will reconcile and which will fall out?

This is the most important question of all. We have a feeling that a few of the main characters will kiss and make up and continue their friendships. But we just don’t know who that will be. Jessa and Hannah already (sort of) made up, so that’s a start. Maybe Shoshanna and Hannah are next? Even more far-fetched would be Marnie and Jessa making up.

Stay tuned for next week’s finale recap!

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