“Fargo” actress Cristin Milioti gets creepy on Instagram

We are definitely all guilty of falling down an Instagram rabbit hole every once and a while. That’s when you get weeks back into someone’s feed, even if you don’t really know them. For Fargo actress Cristin Milioti, it’s the only way to use the app, in fact, it’s the only reason why she has it.

“I’m on Instagram privately and I only use it to creep,” she told James Corden when she appeared on his show Monday night. “There’s an ‘explore’ button on Instagram, and I don’t even look at my feed, I’ll just go down the rabbit hole of a stripper in Atlanta who has 9,000 followers and I’m like, ‘What’s her day-to-day?’”

We totally get this obsession with other people’s lives, especially if they’re super different from our own. “It’s public!” she reasons. “So they’ve, in a way, welcomed me.”

Not to freak anyone out, but now the pressure’s definitely on. At any moment, it’s totally possible that Cristin is going through our feeds, weeks back in our Instagrams, so we better make them good.

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