Criss Angel had a scary straitjacket mishap during a live show

Live magic shows are amazing to see, but there can also be a lot of risk involved for the magician. That means that occasionally things go wrong, even with seasoned professionals who have done thousands of daring stunts. We just heard that Criss Angel’s failed stunt sent him to the hospital, and this is pretty scary stuff!

He was performing an aerial stunt at the Luxor in Las Vegas, and it required him to hang upside down in a straitjacket in order to escape. He wasn’t able to set himself free and he lost consciousness in front of a live audience.

But don’t worry, he’s okay! In an interview with ABC News, he said,

"I blur the line between reality and illusion, but this demonstration and the risks that are at stake are no joke. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and for me it's always about pushing my envelope."

Angel also recalled going up for the stunt, but didn’t remember anything else until he woke up surrounded by paramedics. Eeeeesh. He attributed his loss of consciousness to not eating and sleeping well in the days leading up to it.

Despite the scary incident, Angel was released from the hospital early and even attempted this same stunt the next day. And he was successful the second time around! Phew. We hope that he’s taking better care of himself, because we seriously don’t want anything like this to happen again.

Keep up the magic, Criss!