17 creepy vintage Halloween costumes that are truly scary AF

While you spend the next several days planning your Halloween costume (which Stranger Things character will you be?!), let’s not forget that some of the ~best~ Halloween costumes are the scariest ones. But it turns out some of the creepiest costumes you’ll EVER see aren’t even from this year…or decade!

Here’s a look at some of the creepiest vintage Halloween costumes that will haunt your dreams. Carry on if you dare…

1. This scary AF mummy (?) just chillin’ at the end of your hallway.

2. This kid whose laugh you’ll hear in your nightmares.

3. Whatever the GD hell this is.

4. This ~freaky~ family you wouldn’t want over for dinner.

5. This man dressed as a baby you’d want to give candy to just to make go away.

6. This group of I-don’t-even-know-whats creepin’ in the woods.


8. This princess who will haunt your dreams.

9. These clowns you’d never want to invite to a party.

10. And, OH LOOK, more clowns! This time of the small variety.

11. This ghost and his friend who are absolutely here to steal your soul.

12. Every. One. Of. These. (Except maybe the dude in the middle, he’s cute.)

13. This ghoul who’s probably plotting just how he’ll scare you.

14. This little band marcher who looks ready to haunt your soul.

15. This car full of absolute creepers.

16. OMG, I can’t even…

17. Bye.

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