The “tiny hand” Kylie Jenner nail artists explained themselves, because the world needed to know

We all love a creative manicure — but this one almost took things too far. That’s right. We’re talking about the baby Stormi manicure inspired by the first photo of Kylie Jenner’s new daughter. AKA, the most-liked Instagram post ever. And now we have an explanation for where that insane (in the best way) mani came from.

Nail artists Arina and Eleonora Movsisian are fond of 3D nails, and they were totally inspired by that first Stormi pic. According to Newsbeat by the BBC, the duo said that they wanted to “shock people with our skills,” and figured that the Stormi photo was the best way to do it. The 3D manicure reportedly used clay in recreating the image. The duo shared their creation over on the Nail Sunny Instagram page they run. With 1.5 million followers, the account boasts that it’s the “#1 NailArt Chain In Russia.”

It wasn’t just a photo — it was a video, which made the nails seem even creepier (you can see movement within little Stormi’s fingers as they’re being sculpted)

While the two said that they didn’t expect the negative responses, the BBC reports that they weren’t too upset about the criticism. That’s typically what happens in the world of art — some people love it, while others hate it.

"We are used to this attention towards our 3D designs," Eleonora said. "This time we knew it was going to be a certain reaction, because Kylie's picture captured such an emotional moment."

The sisters said that creating the nails was their personal way of congratulating the reality star on her new arrival.

While we may not be inspired to get a replica of the design during our next manicure, at least we know that the nail art came from a good place. Now…let’s get some more Stormi pics, please!

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