This baby eerily balances on the edge of his crib and it’s freaking people out

Little cameras in the corner of a baby’s bedroom usually catch them doing two things: sleeping and crying. But a new video (viral, of course) caught a toddler named Connor climbing up on the edge of his crib, and balancing perfectly all by himself.

Wait, what? Is this how advanced toddlers are these days, or is it an elaborate hoax? Whether or not this incident actually happened, or if Connor is really a ghost, demon, or future tightrope walker, it does not help that the video is in black and white and resembles a found footage horror movie.

Let’s analyze this a little bit: Okay, Connor starts off in a fit of frustration. He’s staring at the spot where he wants to be: out of the crib! Clearly, he’s plotting how he’s going to get someone’s attention (hopefully his parents are somewhere in the house?).


And then he just kinda pulls himself up, you know, with all that super-baby strength.


Moments later he’s up, on the FIRST attempt! Standing on the railing for longer than you would think possible. We love that his name is right there on the wall. “LOOK AT ME, I’M CONNOR!”


In all this time, no mom or dad has come into the room. Isn’t the point of nanny cams to alert parents that their baby is calling out?

Anyway, there are tons of theories circling the Internet about what’s going on here. Some people say it’s just a normal thing and he does just have good balance, others suggest there’s strings holding him up and it’s an elaborate spoof, and then there are those people who believe he’s 100% possessed by a demon.

Here’s the whole video, including the part where Conner plops back down — which people are also making all kinds of (educated and uneducated) guesses about. Please, someone figure all this out so we can know for sure if this baby is a superhero!