This creepy app will tell you if anyone ever died in your house, because Halloween

Do you ever find yourself suspecting that you’re not alone in your house? Maybe there are bumps in the night or spooky whispers or socks that disappear and never return. Sure, you could chalk all of those things up to an overactive imagination, or you could pay to find out if anyone has ever died in your house (and is potentially haunting it). Oh yes, there is an app for that.

Type your address into, cough up $11.99, and you will be presented with what could basically be a haunting starting kit for your place of residence. Using a combination of obituaries, news reports, and search “juju” that CEO Roy Condrey refuses to disclose, the site will tell you if any of the following has taken place at your address: suicides, natural deaths, fires, chemical dumps, names of past residents, and (necessary) whether or not the house has ever been documented as a meth lab.

The database can be useful for those thinking about purchasing a property, especially in a state like Massachusetts, where real estate agents are under no legal pressure to inform customers about a house’s past, even if it’s gruesome or supernatural. For comparison’s sake, agents in California are required to share information about all deaths that have taken place at the property in the past three years. might be a double-edged sword if you check up on a place where you’re already secured in a yearlong lease. There are over 4.5 million listings of apartments and houses where past owners have kicked the bucket, willingly or not. Could yours be one of them?

For the record, I will be using that $12 to buy myself Chipotle because I’m a weenie.

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