Look at these crazy Ouija boards you can buy on the Internet (if you dare)

Just in time for Halloween, the new horror movie Ouija opened this weekend (AND KILLED IT by landing a #1 spot at the box office, btw), following in the footsteps of other board games turned into movies. Yes, it really is about a Ouija board, and what happens to a group of friends after they use it, and how they unlock things that should never be released into the world. Does it sound terrifying? Indeed it does.

In a typical kid rite of passage, I had a big sleepover with friends where we stayed up talking ’til like 2am. Then (of course) someone had the idea to break out the Ouija board to chat-up some spirits from beyond. It went down exactly the way you’re picturing it, I’m sure. We huddled around the board in the dark living room, wearing mismatched pajamas and desperately trying to use quiet voices (so as not to wake up mom and dad), while also pretending that we weren’t all completely freaked out. Is this Ouija board really working? Can we really talk to spirits? Is this all in my hea. . . oh gosh is it really moving on its own? Did the light just flicker? I HATE flickering lights. And nobody would ever own up to moving the peg across the board to freak everyone else out, so there was that moment of trying to figure out just what the heck is happening.

That’s just my personal experience with the Ouija board. If you’re in the mood to dig yours out of the downstairs closet and try it out, go right ahead—just don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you’re someone without a Ouija board, don’t worry! There are plenty on the Internet that have been gently used (which is mildly unsettling when you think about it), and look really really cool. These Ouija boards are insanely intricate and come with crazy stories. So pick out your favorite and. . . good luck?!

1. The possibly-haunted Ouija board


According to the seller, this version of the Ouija board is very rare, and there probably aren’t any ghosts already associated with it. However, it is noted that this board is strictly for decoration purposes, and no paranormal claims have been made. I dunno, you guys, I feel like there’s a lot of emphasis on the fact that this board probably isn’t haunted, so I’m going to go with the fact that it totally is. It’s $575.00, so beware of ghosts and buyer’s remorse.

2. The Ouija board that’s BEEN THROUGH IT

Seller’s note: “Some sort of burn marks.”

This Ouija board, for the price of $99.99, comes with two candles, which the owner claims were used to help sick loved ones. The current owner is pretty sure the previous owner believed that the boards were “active.” Also this previous family “feared the board.”

3. The absolutely-haunted Ouija board

Seller’s note: “Please Please, only buy if you know what you are doing.”

How about a Ouija board where the seller practically begs you to take it off his hands? He’s selling this and straight-up telling you that it is haunted, and he wants nothing to do with it anymore. He tells you that there were totally ghosts hanging around after it was used, and that so many strange and mysterious things happened. Take it all with a grain of salt, and you can find out for yourself for only $180.00.

4. The psychic Ouija board

Seller’s note: “Make this life-changing board yours today and get the answers you need tomorrow!”

For a different approach, you can head over to Etsy, which is also chock-full of Ouija boards. It’s a vintage item, and the seller has used it many times to communicate with ones they have lost. They’re listing it as a ‘psychic’ Ouija board, which can be used to communicate with spirits, angels, fairies, genies, dragons, or creatures of the night. It’s kind of a steal at only $19.99.

5. The Ouija board from Charmed

Seller’s note: “Wicca exorcism witch magic.”

Now, this is the kind of Ouija board I’d hang on my wall because it is gorgeous. It’s also handcrafted in Italy and made-to-order. It’s also $110.56 so I better start saving. You can also get it custom engraved on the back.

6. The simple (and classic) Ouija board

Or, if you just want the very simple, and beautifully handmade, Ouija board, this one is the best deal, at only $15.90. And if you’re not into any of these, there’s always Target.

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