6 delicious hacks every wine-lover needs to try this summer

Is there anything we love more than a nice glass of wine (or two) at the end of a long day? No, there is not. This summer, don’t just enjoy your vino in the boring old way. Try spicing it up with some of these clever ideas for a chill summer night!

1. Put frozen fruit in your wine


Want to chill your warm wine, but don’t want to water it down? Or do you just want to add a little somethin’ to a boring bottle? Buy bags of frozen fruit (or freeze it yourself!) to put in the bottom of your glass and pour over it. You can use grapes, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, anything your heart desires. Plus, at the end of your glass, you have wine-infused fruit to snack on.

2. Put cheap wine in a blender


You know how they say to “let wine breathe” to make it taste better? OK, this sounds insane, but it’s a real thing: By putting cheap wine in a blender for 30 or so seconds, you can you can aerate it and make it taste a million times better.

3. Indulge in a red wine ice cream float


Yes, this is a THING, and it’s brilliant. BKW, a restaurant in Brooklyn, is offering a red wine ice cream float. But if you can’t head over there to try one, you can make one yourself with equal parts red wine and cola, along with your favorite ice cream.

4. Make a wine slushie


If you need to cool off on a muggy summer night, why not do it with this magical slushie? Grab some ice, a blender, and your fave wine and go at it! Yes, it’s as easy as that.

5. Drink out of a “beach glass” that floats in the water and sinks in the sand


Because what’s a beach trip without some adult bevvies? You can buy one of these fancy glasses here. (Just, you know, make sure not to get arrested for public drinking.)

6. Drink wine out of a bath glass


After all your crazy summer adventures, why not lay back and relax in the tub with some bubbles, a book, and a glass of white? It can be a little scary to have booze nearby (what if it spilled?! WASTED WINE) but that’s what this brilliant bath glass is for! Buy one on Amazon here.

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