Cheers to these people who got creative with their New Year’s kiss

It can be easy, yet pretty darn stressful to get caught up in finding a person to smooch on New Year’s Eve. So why kiss a person at all? These champions found hilariously wonderful alternatives, and for that, we salute them.

That whole “kissing someone at midnight” tradition is super cheesy anyway.

You’re not a third wheel if you’re dating champagne.

This person redefined “wallflower.”

Quite a few animal lovers planted big ones on their pets.

Some of the pets were all for it.

Others were slightly confused.

This couple chose to kiss their dog instead of each other, which is amazing.

This guy landed a really cute chick.

And this chick landed a really delicious-looking plate of cookies.

Others opted to kiss bears, both stuffed …

And secretly human.

This punny alternative might just take the cake, though.

(Image via Instagram.)

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