Whatever happened to the babysitter from “Crazy Stupid Love”?

Chances are when you think of that epic rom-com from 2011 wherein Emma Stone first uttered her now famous “it’s like you’re Photoshopped!” to a shirtless Ryan Gosling, your thoughts don’t really travel past that point. Now it’s six years later, and we have a question: whatever happened to the babysitter from Crazy Stupid Love? She was cute and shy and had a massive crush on the very grown up Steve Carell (which, to be honest, we can all relate to a little. Don’t think so? Re-watch the episode of The Office where Micheal Scott leaves Scranton and you’ll be wowed at what it does to your heartstrings), but where has actress Analeigh Tipton been since then? We launched a little mission to find out!

Did watching La La Land feel like déjà vu? Has she quit the biz after the heartbreak of unrequited onscreen love? We have so many questions for the actress that made us feel all the feels in Crazy Stupid Love.

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 19:  Actress Analeigh Tipton attends the
NEW YORK, NY – JULY 19: Actress Analeigh Tipton attends the “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” World Premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater on July 19, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

First of all, we knew she looked familiar when she first tucked her hair behind her ear in Crazy Stupid Love. But why? Turns out we all met actress Analeigh Tiptin even before then — as a contestant in a little show called America’s Next Top Model. Take a moment, think back to cycle 11 and try and hold it together. Analeigh was recruited for the show via Myspace (we know) and went on to place 3rd, getting eliminated for flubbing her lines in that coveted Covergirl commercial semi-finale.


Okay, okay. So that’s 2008 — after that came a whirlwind modeling career during which she signed with Ford Models and walked in shows for Geren Ford, in Los Angeles Fashion Week, a Mercedes-Benz Fall Fashion Show, and modeling jobs for brands like Forever 21 and Guess. Not too shabby!


Since Crazy Stupid Love however, she’s been keeping busy. After guesting on the Big Bang Theory and HBO’s Hung in multiple episode arcs, she had supporting roles in the Scarlett Johansson blockbuster Lucy and the rom-zom (get it?) Warm Bodies, and main roles in two sitcoms that regretfully petered out: Limitless and Manhattan Love Story. Which brings us to the now; which sees her in four arthouse films in 2016, with six projects slated for 2017 release. In her free time, she’s marching for women’s rights, snapping pics of strangers on the train, and enjoying the life of a normal 28-year -old in California.

If you’re a fan of Analeigh, the chances of catching her in something new are becoming more and more likely. She was called a “face to watch” by the NY Times, after all.

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