Crazy Rich Asians just broke a major Labor Day record, and it’s a big deal

The summer sensation Crazy Rich Asians, based on the Kevin Kawn book of the same name, just broke another box office milestone. It already dominated the box office during its first and second weekends in theaters, and it’s now officially the highest-grossing Labor Day weekend movie in 11 years, and the third-highest grossing Labor Day weekend movie ever. It currently ranks behind The Sixth Sense and Rob Zombie’s Halloween.

According to Forbes, the film has reportedly earned 117 million during its first 20 days in theaters, and it’s about to surpass Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and The Meg to become the summer’s 10th highest-grossing movie.

Basically, Crazy Rich Asians doesn’t just debunk the myth that movies starring non-white actors don’t sell tickets, it straight up blows it out of the water and makes every single movie exec who’s ever passed on a movie because it was too “diverse” look both insane and inept. The film’s success proves what so many non-white movie-goers have been saying for years: Audiences are hungry for fresh and diverse narratives, and they will absolutely pay to see them.

And not for nothing, but it also proves a movie doesn’t have to be based on an existing comic book franchise, have tons of chase scenes and explosions, or have a male protagnonist to keep audiences interested.

We hope Hollywood is paying attention to the success of Crazy Rich Asians and does some serious soul-searching with upcoming projects.

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