The first Crazy Rich Asians trailer is here, and it’s even more bananas than you could ever imagine

Our first look at the film adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians is here, and in a word, it’s BANANAS. Crazy Rich Asians stars Constance Wu as Rachel, a New Yorker whose impossibly dreamy boyfriend Nick (Henry Golding) brings her home to Singapore to meet his family. His family, by the way, is one of the wealthiest and most highly-respect families in the country — a fact that Nick accidentally-on-purpose has kept from Rachel.

The Crazy Rich Asians trailer explores the culture clash between native New Yorker Rachel and the wealthy Young family, who aren’t exactly in love with her.

Despite the sumptuous Singaporean setting, things don’t seem to go too well for Rachel. It’s not just meeting her boyfriend’s family that’s overwhelming, but arriving in a foreign country to discover you’re dating one of their most eligible bachelors? That’s a lot. A lot. Even with a feisty BFF played by Awkwafina. As time goes on, Nick’s mother (Michelle Yeoh, from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon!) inserts herself between Nick and Rachel more and more.

It’s obvious that the Youngs disapprove of her. But, why? She’s fabulous and funny and smart AF; what’s the problem?

The true drama arrives in Crazy Rich Asians when we discover that Nick wants to propose to Rachel.

His mother’s made it clear that if he wants a life with Rachel, he’ll lose the support (and financing) from his family. But as Rachel suggests to Nick’s mom, forcing him to give love up to earn his family’s approval may cause him to resent his family. Dun Dun dun.

Crazy Rich Asians won’t be out until the end of the summer, so hopefully we’ll get to see all types of dazzling shots of Singapore in new trailers before then. If you *really* can’t wait, and I totally get that, you can always get psyched by reading Kevin Kwan’snovel.

We can’t wait to watch!

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