The best moments from our ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ UCB show in NYC

After our first show in LA, we decided to team up with The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend again for another night of storytelling about Exes and Woes — this time at the UCB Theatre in downtown NYC. Inspired by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — which premieres Monday, October 12 at 8/7c — the show perfectly tackled all the weird hilarity of love and loss; and it was absolutely amazing.

Co-hosted by our favorite teen Ruby Karp and the incomparable Jenny Jaffe, it was obvious that the show was going to be yet another killer one. Ruby started things off by talking about her limited romantic relationship experience, and the all-too-relatable heartbreak of friend breakups. Jenny, on the other hand, confessed that the only reason she was in a relationship is so she could do a couples costume on Halloween. (We feel you, Jenny.)

Next up, Jessica Kirson got super real about what it’s like to be gay and Jewish in NYC, and talked about the dating scene that comes with it. While talking to herself on stage — which was easily the most hilarious part of her act — the audience also got a sneak peak into the brilliant mind of this brilliant comedian.

Twitter queen and newly minted writer for Late Night with Seth Myers Aparna Nancherla took the stage next. Acknowledging the Internet as the latest (and most prominent) frontier for love, she then told the story of the worst social media date she’s ever been on. The date went on forever, and was absolutely brutal — but with Aparna at the reigns, it quickly became one of the most relatable stories ever.

Next up, Louis Peitzman talked about all the things we’ll put up with in the name of love — or, at least, in order to hang out with someone who has a cute dog and a nice apartment. On a particularly bad excursion, his date had a little too much to drink and spilled wine all over his pants, then proceeded to order Chinese food and get lo mein all over his sweater. (The dog and apartment were worth it, though.)

Abbi Crutchfield was up next, and started her set by talking about what it was like to be a mixed woman growing up with a mother who didn’t look like her. (It can be very weird — trust us.) Later, she ended up marrying a man she’d never lived with before and had to “learn on the job” how to deal with him in a totally new capacity.

Last but not least, Eliot Glazer shared a delightful college paper he wrote about Bea Arthur and his infinite love for The Golden Girls. And in case there was any doubt about the craziest thing he’s done for love, he ended his story by showing off the giant Bea Arthur tattoo on his arm.

As we learned at both our UCB shows, there’s no such thing as a fun breakup — but that doesn’t mean a breakup can’t lead to some funny stories. Check out the premiere of The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Monday, October 12 at 8/7c for even more relationship giggles!

(Images via HelloGiggles.)