‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”s Vincent Rodriguez’s default Chipotle order is ~so~ Josh Chan

New York‘s Vulture recently interviewed Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Vincent Rodriguez, so of course they went to Chipotle. Once they reached the front of the line, Rodriguez ordered “a burrito bowl with chicken and brown rice, some chips, and a bottle of apple juice,” which is basically exactly what we would expect Josh Chan to order. Bro-y, basic Chipotle orders aside, Rodriguez also shared some interesting anecdotes from his early actor days living in New YorkCity, when he was only able to afford to eat at, of course, Chipotle. “New York reminds me of what my career was like when I lived here, so when I walk through the streets, I remember when I had ten bucks in my pocket and all I could eat is Chipotle,” he told Vulture. “Trying to thrive in this city trained me in my career, and in my life,” he added.

Unlike his character Josh Chan, who is a tad allergic to work, Rodriguez has hustled for his career, fighting through a bunch of rejection before snagging Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. “I definitely have had my down times and also have had my times of being very, very unemployed,” Rodriguez said. “And by that I mean I’m just months without an audition or a callback and feeling like the business doesn’t want me anymore,” he said. Dude, we feel you.

But he powered through and has a pretty great past couple years, especially with the success of his show. Although it’s not all about work. Back in August, the actor celebrated his first wedding anniversary by going back where he proposed: Disneyland’s California Screamin’ ride. Too adorable.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend recently aired its season two finale, which featured Josh thinking about an, er, interesting career move. Rodriguez is pumped for season three, sharing that the show is always keeping him on his toes: “I feel like a kid in a candy store right now because every time I go to work, I’m always learning something new.” And he can probably spring for extra guac now, too.