We’re already singing along to the first trailer for “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Season 2

Strike up the band, because it appears as if Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is gearing up for a show-stopping Season 2, and we cannot WAIT.

Now with a sparkly Golden Globe under her belt for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy (Crazy-Ex is BOTH), the marvelous Rachel Bloom is holding nothing back when it comes to Rebecca Bunch’s next adventure. Last we saw our semi-together heroine, she and Josh had just ~coupled off~ but don’t expect these two to simply fall into a happy ending. Judging from the quick trailer just released, there’s going to be at least ONE tap-dancing musical number with sparkly costumes in front of some giant cutout hearts.

Because nothing says love like tap-dancing sparkly hearts.

There’s also going to be a ping pong song?? We don’t know what it is yet, but it’s already stuck in our heads (that’s a good thing).

One big thing to know: The show is switching nights. It’s making the leap to Fridays, and lands back on our television screens on October 21st. So far away, yes, but in the words of Cranky Greg (a nickname we just gave him, it’s cool to use it from now on), “Well, this is fun.”

You bet it’s fun. Catch up with the show right here on Netflix, and start day-dreaming about Rebecca’s misadventures for Season 2.