Wait, what? People are using Crayola pencils as eyeliner?

While black or dark brown eyeliner may be the go-to choice for many, it’s fun to switch it up a bit and make your eyes pop with a little turquoise or violet — or hey, maybe even fluorescent orange, if you’re feeling particularly daring. Eyeliners come in all the colors of the rainbow, and there are pretty affordable options at your local beauty store and online.

However, some beauty bloggers have taken to DIY-ing their funky-colored eyeliner . . . using Crayola colored pencils.

Say WHAT? Yeah, it’s a thing. Take Brandy Williams or Brooke Eve, both YouTube beauty bloggers who have posted tutorials on how to make colored pencils into eyeliner by soaking them in hot water to soften them. “If you get this in [your] eye don’t worry because it is non-toxic,” claims Brandy, pictured below in the caption of her tutorial.

Brooke, pictured below, also supports the beauty trend, claiming, “Most of the colors work. I love how this trick worked out. Plus it’s really cheap, because a box of 24 is only like four dollars.” I mean, hey, we’re all for getting the bang for your beauty buck, but we’ve got some concerns about this. Namely, is it safe?

The answer to that question is: No, not really. Crayola is, as you’d probably expect, not happy about ANY of this. In a statement posted on the Crayola site, the company’s stance is pretty darn firm. “As the manufacturer of children’s products, safety is our top priority at Crayola,” says the company. “Although our products are nontoxic, we do not recommend using them to make lipstick, eyeliner or other make-up and strongly discourage their use in this manner. They are not designed, tested or approved for this purpose.”

Moral of the story: Just because they are “nontoxic” doesn’t mean they’re safe for every use — especially when your eye is involved. We’ve always been all for DIY — hey, life-hacks and crafts together? Yes please. But not at the cost of safety. Ladies, if you want some bright funky colors for cheap, please, check out Amazon . . . don’t melt down your craft supplies and stick ’em in your eyes. Please. And thank you.

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