Break out your Magic Markers—Crayola has a surprise for us grown-up kids

The adult coloring book trend has been on the rise recently, and now our favorite childhood brand is getting in on the fun. Get ready for things to come full circle with Crayola’s line of coloring books for adults. We have our crayons ready.

It’s called Crayon Color Escapes, and the line features kits, including illustrations, markers, and pencils, with four different themes: Elegant Escapes, Whimsical Escapes, Patterned Escapes, and Folk Art Escapes. These aren’t your basic barnyard animal or cartoon character coloring books. These are intricate black-and-white designs created by artist Claudia Nice. Each picture is 11 x17, perfect for framing, which is a step above the usual practice of sticking them on the fridge.

If you’re not keen on purchasing the whole kit, you can also get smaller versions of the designs in little 8 x 10 booklets featuring art from Terry Runyan, Flora Chang, and other Hallmark artists. They’ll also be selling adult-specific colored pencils and markers for those who don’t want to dig through their old tub of crayons.

This is the perfect stocking stuffer for that stressed-out adult in your life, and the line will definitely be released in time for the holidays. It sounds so awesome that we might all end up doing my version of gift-giving: one for you, one for me, one for you, one for me…

(Image via Crayola, Shutterstock)

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