This is why you crave ginger ale when you’re on an airplane

Have you ever found yourself ordering ginger ale on airplanes, specifically? Like, sure, ginger ale is tasty, but why do we want it so badly when we’re flying? One Reddit thread sought out the answer to that very question, and it turns out we’re not alone in our airplane adoration for ginger ale.

In the Reddit thread “Do you order ginger ale on planes, but not on the ground?“, Redditor muki_mono asked the *real* questions:

The thread received almost 150 comments, with everyone musing on the ~mysterious~ quality of in-flight ginger ale.

“I do…and I have no idea why…now I am questioning myself,” responded one Redditor.

“It’s magic sky juice,” responded another.


Others theorized that it may have to do with ginger ale’s anti-nausea qualities, but Sherry Ross, M.D., of Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, doesn’t believe the ginger is the reason why we order it. As she explained to Woman’s Day:

So apparently, it’s all in our heads. But that’s not gonna stop us drinking it on planes — it *is* comforting and delicious, after all.