Here’s a Craigslist ad looking for a “barbecue dad” to stand in for Father’s Day

The time of year to celebrate dads is upon us, and already we see a hilarious party theme unfolding. This group of guys posted a Craigslist ad seeking a Father’s Day “barbecue dad,” because how else are you gonna get a perfect stranger to come over to the crib and grill all those burgers and hot dogs?

According to the offer made by this group of 20-something, dad-seeking dudes from Spokane, Washington, they sought to hire the barbecue dad for Father’s Day weekend, agreeing to pay the chosen candidate in food and beer. Apparently, dozens of would-be barbecue dads have responded to the Craigslist ad, reports The Spokesman-Review.

We kind of get it: Hanging out and making new friends who appear to be looking for a good time with a father figure in exchange for some good grub and booze sounds like a pretty sweet deal, TBH.

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The Craiglist ad requires the barbecue dad candidates to have a minimum of 18 years’ experience as a father, 10 years on the grill, “an appreciation of cold beer on a hot summer day,” and the ability to discuss “dad things” like lawnmowers and Jimmy Buffett.

The hosts agreed to provide burgers and hot dogs for the cookout, but the selected dad is tasked with bringing his own grill.

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Dane Anderson, an Eastern Washington University student who wrote the ad, said he and his group of friends thought it would be funny to put the call-out for a “generic father figure.” They didn’t extend the invite to their actual dads because most of them are too far away to make it to the June 17 shindig. But based on the group’s response to their ad going viral, none of their real-life fathers or the applicants will be chosen to throw on an apron and chef’s hat — they are now campaigning to have Bill Murray come and fill in on Father’s Day.

Unfortunately though, the original Craigslist ad has been flagged for removal. (Hey, maybe that means Murray actually responded?)

Anyway, good luck with that one, guys!

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