This woman convinced her husband she had adopted a coyote and we cannot stop laughing at his reaction

One of the best parts about being in a relationship is you really know how to punk your beloved. Seriously, you know just how gullible your significant other is…and sometimes, like on April Fools, you use that information against them. If you’re Kayla Eby, you use photoshop to trick your husband into thinking you’ve adopted a wild coyote. That’s right, this genius wife convinced her husband Justin that she’d adopted a wild coyote… and was letting it hang out with their young child. Of course, the prank, which she originally posted on Facebook, went viral, as all genius pranks do.

It all began with one silly text

Of course, as we can clearly see, that’s not a dog.

Kayla’s husband reacted strongly to the coyote sitting with their child

We love that Justin still uses endearments while lecturing her. The profanity, well, we’d be freaking out, too.

Guys, it keeps getting better.

Justin then resorted to all-caps, all the time.

We’re amazed he hasn’t caught on.

Nice Twilight Zone reference, though.

“Nobody does that.”

We’re laughing so hard we’re peeing a little.

Kayla starts to have fun with photoshopping a coyotes

You think by now he’d realize he’s been pranked. But nope.

And then we realize why he believes there’s a coyote chilling with their kid…In the past, Kayla’s brought ferrets home

Well, now we’re starting to get a little uncomfortable

Of course, instead of being offended Kayla just dishes it right back by taking the prank up a level.

“Spot?” Really?

And then, her coup de grace…

How can he not see that those coyotes are clearly nowhere near their house?

Finally, she lets Justin know it was all photoshop.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Kayla explained that she and her husband have a relationship where they often prank one another, and often resort to profanity, so readers need not be alarmed.

“I would just like to add since a lot of people have been on Justin’s case since this blew up: This is the way our relationship is...We love each other more than words can say, but we also are both very big jokers and don’t take offense to things like these.

Of course, now she has to wait for his prank retaliation. As Kayla acknowledged:

“I know he’s going to retaliate. I’m ready! It’s like walking on egg shells in my house right now. In a good, funny way, of course! I’m scared to open closet doors or take a shower or sit down. I know he’s got it out for me. We will see!

Never have we seen a greater need to up our photoshop skills.