These cows look like they’re waiting for a train, and there are piles of puns happening

A huge herd of cows showed up at a railway line in Kent, England, because they obviously had somewhere to go and needed to get there quickly. Around 60 cows appeared at the Hever station platform and patiently waited their turn to board a train. We have a feeling the co-moo-ting cows were probably the most exciting thing to ever happen to the Hever station platform. Or to any platform.

The cows aligned themselves in an orderly fashion and seemed to not even cross the white line.

Because safety first.

No word on how the cows got there or where they were itching to go, but the important thing is that they did get there. And that there’s photo evidence.

Fellow railway passenger Francesca Ryan was waiting to board a different train when she spotted the cows across the way. So she did what any human being would do — she snapped a photo and posted it to Twitter.

And now Twitter can’t stop making cow puns, and it’s our favorite thing of the day.

Here’s Ryan’s original post: false

And here are some of the internet’s clever responses:


According to the BBC, Network Rail closed all the lines while the cows were safely escorted back to the field they came from. Of course, the ordeal caused major train delays, but it made for a pretty amazing story. false

Sometimes cows just need to get away, you know? Vacations aren’t just for humans. But if the cows have learned anything, it’s that they’ll need to find their own cow-friendly transportation next time.

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