These cows are obsessed with accordion music, and it’s strangely the most adorable thing

Allow us to drop a random factoid in your lap that could help you spice up a boring dinner party convo: Cows are obsessed with accordion music, which means we should probably learn to play, but that’s a topic for another day. Anyway, we have video proof that cows will gather ’round and dance like nobody’s watching whenever someone breaks out the ol’ accordion, and it’s both hilarious and charming.

Should your dinner companions dismiss your cow #facts with a smirk, counter their shadiness with, “Actually, this is one of those random bits of trivia that you should know,” and then feel free to continue enjoying your meal while glaring at them with a bovine-ish blank stare.

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Now, we’re not suggesting you get into a heated cow argument over a meal, but don’t let anyone diminish the significance of this info. This Rumble Viral video proves that basically ALL cows (except for a random ornery one) are mysteriously drawn to the instrument’s sound.

In the clip, the animals can be seen minding their biz, grazing to their heart’s content — that is, until an accordion player’s mellifluous notes literally call them home. Little by little, they inch their way closer to the musician, until their slight group movement turns into a full-on cattle run towards the source of the strange sound.

So yeah, like we said, don’t let that one pissy cow at the end of the clip keep you from spreading the word about this cow-accordion love affair because it’s undeniable. We fully expect herding by accordion to become a thing in the near future.