This cow wants to be a dog and we totally support that life goal

Very few things are more charming than an animal who thinks it’s another animal. Dogs who think they’re cats, cats who think they’re dogs, and my new favorite variation, this cow who wants to be a puppy. I know. I know. It’s the cutest thing in the entire gosh darn world. I’ve been squealing for like an hour.

Goliath the Baby Cow has taken social media by storm after his owner posted the most darling photo ever on Twitter a week ago. Captioned, “My cow thinks he’s a dog…we left the door open for 5 minutes,” the photo stars Goliath doing his best Dog On Couch impression. He’s even got the “Who, me?” look down pat.

According to Country Living Magazine, Shaylee Hubbs rescued Goliath after he was born extremely thin and sickly on a dairy farm, and has been raising him with her Great Dane in Northern California ever since. In an attempt to protect Goliath from local mountain lions and coyotes, Hubbs lets the calf sleep in a playhouse in their backyard. Little Goliath must have been taking notes, because he knew exactly what to do when he finally got the chance to sneak into the home.

Since debuting her initial couch portrait, which has garnered over 32,000 re-tweets and 54,000 likes, Shaylee has since revealed that Goliath also loves eating dog food and being scratched underneath his chin. LIKE A REAL LIFE PUPPY. A GIANT, BE-HOOVED PUPPY.  

Excuse me, that is a puppy in a cow costume.     

I’m just… I’m feeling a lot about this. 

(Image via Twitter)