And the magazine Cover of the Year goes to… *drum roll*

Magazine covers are powerful for many reasons. They let readers know what’s within a publication’s pages, serve as widespread works of art, and can send an important message. That’s why the American Society of Magazine Editor’s Cover of the Year is a really big deal.

In total, a whooping 38 publications were finalists in at least one of the 10 Best Cover Contest groupings. Some magazines, such as New York and The New Yorker, boasted multiple entries. Yet, despite the momentous task before them, around 100 of the top names (editors, art directors, and photo editors) in the industry were able to narrow down their selection and they chose…

Caitlyn Jenner’s stunning “Call Me Caitlyn” cover for Vanity Fair!

The Readers’ Choice Award went to “Body 2015: Chantae McMillan,” which was displayed on ESPN The Magazine:

In June 2015, Jenner’s cover (photographed by the incredibly talented Annie Leibovitz) was revealed to the world. Inside the magazine, readers could find Caitlyn describing her now authentic life, her transition, and this new chapter in her family members’ lives.

Vanity Fair / Giphy
Vanity Fair / Giphy

While Caitlyn hasn’t yet commented on this incredible honor, it does seem that the award is in line with her New Year’s Resolutions. In an #AskCait video on Twitter, Jenner said that she hoped to continue making a difference and we truly believe that, with an influential magazine cover that continues to impact the world, that won’t be a problem.

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