A fully glorious instrumental cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’

We know, we too thought it was impossible to make Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” any more powerful than it already is. But then, an instrumental version came along so incredibly gorg that it brought on all the uncontrollable feels. The “Blank Space” cover we’ll be listening to on repeat until 2015, is performed by Brooklyn Duo — a duo comprised of cellist Patrick Laird and pianist Marnie Laird. The two turn the bouncy fem anthem into a hauntingly poignant tune worthy of a slow dance. It seems that Taylor herself is a fan of the cover, and she tweeted it with pride, saying “it sound[s] like a song people should walk down the aisle to.” Check out the majesty:

Of course, this isn’t the only especially rad instrumental Swift variation. Another Brooklyn duo Chargaux, blew our minds a few weeks back with their version of “Shake It Off.”

Keep these incredible instrumentals coming, Internet people!

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