Cover FX’s new Custom Enhancer Drops are coming back, and they’ll definitely give you a celestial glow

No one embraces our inner mad scientist quite like CoverFX. Their Custom Cover Drops allow for a truly customized foundation and their Custom Enhancer Drops are like liquid sunshine. Real highlight lovers know that these potent, multi-use drops are absolute heaven, and they’ll definitely give you an otherwordly glow.

CoverFX is bringing back their Custom Enhancer Drops in three poppin’ new shades — Rose Gold, Blossom, and Halo. The shades will launch February 26th and 27th via the Sephora mobile app.

Rose Gold is a true gold shade ideal for tan and brown skin tones. Blossom is a pinky hue that is so spring it hurts, and Halo is an icy, iridescent lilac that’s incredibly on trend and uber flattering for porcelain skin tones.

These drops of sunshine can be mixed with foundations, BB creams, primers, and even layered on top of powder highlighters. Yes, ON TOP.

If you’ve tried any of CoverFX’s existing illuminator and bronzer drops, you’re familiar with just how incredible the formula is. Seriously, you can get a lot done with just ONE drop. Just look at how much pigment CoverFX got with just one brush load.

Here’s Halo in action:

The CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops are buildable and free of mineral oil, talc, and parabens. Download the Sephora app to shop the new shades on February 26th.

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