Cover FX released a Blurring Primer, and it sounds like an Instagram filter for your face

If you’ve ever found yourself posting a gussied up photo of yourself through a Snapchat or Instagram filter, and thought, “Wow, why can’t I have this IRL?!” you are finally in luck. The makeup brand Cover FX has a new Blurring Primer that will fulfill all your silky skin dreams.

According to the Cover FX press release sent to HelloGiggles, their brand new primer was specifically formulated to make you look like an Instagram filter come to life, with the help of their Innovative Light Diffusing Powder Blend,

"This innovative primer was formulated to blur imperfections, diminish the appearance of pores and fine lines and refine the overall look of skin texture. Using a special blend of finely milled powders, the skin is completely diffused, soft and youthful."

All of the powders are talc-free, provide a light-weight application and the primer formula is only lightly tinted. So you can get a sheer coverage, but nothing cakey.

The Blurring Primer was officially released for purchase today through the Cover FX website!

It costs $38, which is a pretty good price tag for transforming you into a flawless animated version of yourself.

Now we can be forever ready for our close-up.

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Now we can be sneaky cheaters on the #nofilter hashtag.

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