This cover of an ’80s classic has gone massively viral because it’s the most awesome thing we’ve ever heard

If you have a thing for the ’80s (um, obv), get ready to lose it in the *best* way, because one newly internet famous guy just performed classic hit “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” on a hammered dulcimer. Whether you know what that is or not, the performance of the ’80s classic is basically as close to perfection as it gets. Trust us.

Ted Yoder performed the popular Tears For Fears song on Facebook live.

The sweet dad of seven kids jammed the beautiful tune, surprising no one who knows of his fame. Because Yoder is actually famous AF for his work with the instrument. He was the 2010 National Hammered Dulcimer Champion, and has even been turned into a verb: he’s known to ‘Yoderize’ the instrument and bring life to old songs. Like, wow.


The video of the ’80s classic totally EXPLODED.

With over 1.5 million reactions, 349k comments (like, OMG!) and nearly a million shares, the video has undeniably gone viral, shocking the Goshen, Indiana native and reminding us of the power of ~the net~.

Plus, there’s a raccoon.

Yoder talked about the family raccoon, Gidget, in the comments, saying, “My sister had one growing up but he never hung around like Gidget. She’s so sweet and loves to have her belly scratched. So much fun for the kids to have and see.”

It’s literally the sweetest way to end the weekend.

Watch the video below!

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