There was an amazing all-Lego dress at Comic-Con, and now we want one for ourselves

While there were a ton of incredibly stylish and gorgeous Comic-Con outfits that debuted at the giant convention, arguably nothing was more “awesome” than Ashley Eckstein’s all LEGO dress.

Just take a look at this epic fashion statement in all its glory.

Made out of 10,000 LEGOs and designed with a proud picture of her Ashoka Tano character (from the Clone Wars animated series), it has to be one of the most unique outfits in all of the galaxies near and far.

The dress was designed by masterminds (and obviously Master Builders) Nathan Sawaya and Andrew MacLaine. And, from the looks of it, was actually pretty practical to walk around in (maybe not go for a long run but, you know, at least make an memorable appearance around Comic-Con).

Eckstein was positively beaming as she walked around Comic-Con in her spectacularly personalized dress.

Even some of the fans who took time to make their own custom outfits had to stop and get pictures with this unbelievable LEGO dress.

No word yet if more dresses like this are going to become readily available (for like a happy hour fashion statement or something). But if this becomes a trend (and we very much hope it does), please sign us up!

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