Someone wonderful has made couture hats for tiny, tiny toads

If the world’s starting to get you down, take heart: Out there somewhere, exists an adorable toad, who wears equally adorable hats.

Here’s how this real-life fairy tale came true.

One fateful day, a toad appeared on the porch of a man named Chris Newsome. The toad kept coming back, so Chris named him (what else?) Mr. Toad. (Side note: No one is sure if this particular toad is a male or female, but we digress.)

But then, something magical happened.

To cheer up a friend’s kid, Chris decided to make wild, wonderful hats for Mr. Toad.

Here’s how Chris explained what happened to Mashable:

"A friend of mine has a little boy that lost his pet toad. He was crying about his toad and he remembered Mr. Toad. He asked if Mr. Toad was still coming to visit me every night, so to make him feel better I sent him a photo to show that Mr. Toad was alive and well...I started making the hats to cheer him up because all kids would laugh at a toad with a hat."

Boy, was he right. Since then, Twitter has been abuzz with people in love with Mr. Toad and his crazy couture hat collection.


Honestly, is there anything more joyful than a toad in a hat? We think not.

Alright, Mr. Toad. Go on now and wrangle up some grubs now, ya hear?

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