In case you missed it: Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow KILLED IT at “Friends” trivia

While we can sit and dream about a full Friends reunion where, y’know, everyone’s hanging out at Central Perk, we can definitely appreciate and accept having Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, at the very least, reunite on the set of Celebrity Name Game. Their episode together just aired on September 20th.

Of course, we know Courteney Cox best from playing Monica Geller, and many of us were introduced to Lisa Kudrow by her role as Phoebe Buffay, so watching our fave friends play a trivia game based on Friends is kinda-sorta amazing.


Luckily, Cox didn’t turn into a competitive monster like Monica — instead, she delivered her questions to Kudrow clearly, and Kudrow managed to get almost all of them right, making one stumble along the way. (And hey, the show started airing in 1994, so overall, Kudrow’s memory is pretty good.)

Also? We have to give props to Cox’s quick impression of Ross. Based on this clip alone, we can tell that the cast still has so much love and respect for each other.

It’s always so great to see past cast members together, especially when they’re having fun. Maybe next time, Celebrity Name Game should try and book all of them!

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