This singer’s ode to instant ramen is super catchy and too accurate

Instant ramen is one of those meals that most people don’t have to eat, but which has its own cult following. And now, one singer has perfectly captured what it’s like to love instant ramen, from its yellow brick noodles to its ambiguously spiced taste.


Courtney Barnett, the Grammy-nominated songwriter who put out one of the best albums of 2015, has a penchant for writing hilarious and insightful songs about everyday occurrences. “Three Packs A Day,” part of a compilation album being put together by her label Milk! Records, perfectly touches on the addictive lure of instant ramen through the metaphor of cigarettes, of something unhealthy but oh-so-satisfying:

“I’m down to three packs a day I sneak away to find a kettle I withdraw from all my friends and their dinner plans I’m sick of lentils.”

Other lyrics include: “I burn my tongue / Patience is a virtue.” Anchored by Barnett’s rolling guitar hooks and a lengthy harmonica solo, “Three Packs A Day” makes eating instant ramen a noble, slightly agoraphobic effort — and a song we can’t stop listening to.

Catch Milk! Records’ Good For You compilation next month, and listen to “Three Packs A Day” below:

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Image via Giphy, Milk Records.