Courteney Cox Re-Created “The Routine” From ‘Friends’ With Ed Sheeran and It’s *Too* Good

Sheeran definitely gives David Schwimmer a run for his money!

Throughout Friends‘ 10-season run, there were virtually endless iconic moments. I’m talking “The One With the Embryos” game show, “Pivot,” the “We were on a break” argument, and, well, I could keep going but you get it. One of those moments is also “The Routine” that Monica and Ross do in the Season 6 episode aptly named “The One With the Routine.”

Now, though, Courteney Cox (who famously played Monica in the show) teamed up with close friend and international superstar Ed Sheeran to re-create the dance. She shared the post on May 30th on social media, and we’re honestly impressed at how good this is.

Cox captioned her video, Just some routine dancing with a friend…

Sheeran posted the video to his own social media with the caption, “Had a reunion of our own this weekend,” adding the hashtag #obviouslybetterthanross, and wow! While plenty of these two’s famous friends have chimed in to comment, David Schwimmer (aka Ross Geller) has been very, very quiet. I feel confident, though, that the Friends alum has nothing but love and laughter for this re-creation.

Schwimmer, Cox, and the rest of the original Friends cast reunited for the highly anticipated reunion special that’s currently streaming on HBO Max. It was a night of guest stars, nostalgia, re-creating more iconic pieces of the show’s history, and so much laughter.

“The Routine” even came up on the reunion—how could it not?—so it was fresh in our heads when Cox and Sheeran performed it over the weekend. In case you need a reminder of Ross and Monica’s original, here you go.

Now my real question is whether or not Cox has had this memorized for the past two decades or if she and Sheeran recently re-learned it. I feel like remembering “The Routine” is a very Monica thing, and Cox is definitely a Monica IRL, so I’d like to think she’s known this dance all along and sometimes pulls it out at events and celebrations just to show off.

Over to you, Schwimmer—your turn to show off your moves!

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