Courteney Cox Wants to Host ‘SNL’ Again, So Someone Call Lorne Michaels

"I was not [nearly] confident enough to do that show. Now I'd love to do it. "

Five out the six main Friends cast members have hosted Saturday Night Live (Matt LeBlanc, we’re still rooting for you!), and Courteney Cox is officially putting her name back on the ballot to host a second time. So Twitter, do your thing. 

On this Wednesday’s episode of SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show, Cox and her pals Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow took listeners down memory lane, reminiscing about their times as SNL hosts. Cox was the first to host in 1995, Kudrow was one year later in 1996, followed by Aniston in 1999 and during Friends’ final season in 2004. Aniston even spilled that she was asked to join the SNL cast prior to Friends, but had no interest in joining the “boys’ club.” Before Aniston, Kudrow said she auditioned for SNL in 1990, but lost the spot to comedian Julia Sweeney. A few years later and they all met on Stage 24. It’s weird to think what would have happened had they met while SNL cast members and not as co-stars on a sitcom?

Courteney Cox on SNL

Unlike her best friends, Cox’s experience on SNL wasn’t all that too pretty. “I was green. I was not [nearly] confident enough to do that show,” she recalled to host Howard Stern.  “I think the opening skit, even though I was nervous, was really kind of funny, because Adam Sandler and I, we were doing a take on the Bruce Springsteen video. … I mean, I don’t think it worked that well but I loved it. It was fun. I think I lost like, 48 pounds in one night, I was so nervous.”

Now though, Cox is more than ready for redemption and wants another shot at wooing the SNL audience. “I remember where I was when I got the call and I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is huge.’ I was not experienced enough to do that show. Now I’d love it.”

She clarified that “no one’s asking me to do it,” but say her name and she’ll be there in a jiffy! Plus, we already know the musical act: her daughter, Coco Arquette!!

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