Courteney Cox Just Proved She’s *Actually* Her ‘Friends’ Character in Real Life

You need to see how organized her kitchen is.

While Courteney Cox has taken on many roles in her over-30-year career as an actress, she’ll always be Monica Geller at heart. In a recent Instagram post, the 56-year-old proved this to be true by showing how deeply connected she is to her hyper-organized Friends character.

“Tell me you’re a Monica without telling me you’re a Monica,” Cox said in a video, borrowing the format of a popular TikTok trend to show off her tidy traits. “I’ll go first,” the actress says before cutting to shots of her supremely neat kitchen drawers and cabinets. In her utensils drawer, each item—including a melon baller, corkscrew, and cheese slicer—fits into a custom-made slot. In another drawer, each seasoning and spice is organized in a uniform container and individually labeled, and in her pantry, all her foods are perfectly lined up and displayed in clear glass jars. “I know,” Cox says to the camera after showing off her Ikea-showroom-level neat kitchen.

Cox captioned the post, Am I the only one? While we certainly don’t have kitchens as spotless and tidy as hers, we know for a fact that her character Monica—who uses a small vacuum to clean her big vacuum—would approve.

To make the video even better, Cox set the video to the music, “So Fresh, So Clean” by Outkast. Social media icon.

And as it typically goes with all of Cox’s posts, a bunch of celebs left comments. While Diane Keaton just showed some love with a string of red heart emojis, comedian and actress Whitney Cummings was clearly amused, commenting, “Hahahahhaha.”

Naturally, there were Friends references, too. Hocus Pocus star Kathy Najimy wrote, “I’m the opposite of a Monica… I’m the lady who owns the thrift store in ‘The One with the vintage stuff,'” making up her own episode name to describe her style.

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland showed her appreciation for Cox’s kitchen organization, writing, “I had an orgasm when that drawer opened,” along with a drooling-face emoji.

For those of us heading into spring cleaning season with little enthusiasm, though, jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer’s comment best reflected our wishes. “If you could come organize my kitchen and life that would be awesome!!!!!” she wrote to Cox.

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