Can you pass Courteney Cox’s Friends trivia quiz?

If you think you’re the biggest Friends fan ever, this quiz will make or break your claim. Courteney Cox recently drilled singer-songwriter and Friends superfan Charlie Puth with questions about the classic sitcom that only the truest fan would know. In typical Monica Geller fashion, Cox took this quiz seriously, digging up tiny details and posing questions only the most Friends-obsessed individual will remember. We’re talking betting-the-apartment-in-a-lightning-round-level intensity here.

In fact, if you remember that lightning round in “The One with the Embryos,” you’ll have a leg up on this Friends trivia quiz.

The quiz takes on three categories: true or false, general trivia, and “Who said this?” Buckle up, everyone, because this quiz is no joke.

Watch Cox channel her inner competitive Monica in the video below. Or, skip down below it to take on the quiz yourself and prove your superfan status.

Scroll to the end of each section for the answer key, if you even need it.

True or False

1The name of the 1950s diner that Monica worked at was called Moon Dance Diner.

2Phoebe and the Scientist Guy, David, broke up because David cheated on her.

3Chandler’s middle name is Mildred.

4Rachel’s sisters’ names are Jill and Amy.

5Monica’s biggest pet peeve is people chewing with their mouths open.

6Chandler entered a Vanilla Ice lookalike contest and won.

7Ross was in it, too.

8Gunther can speak Dutch fluently.

9Joey’s penguin stuffed animal’s name is Waddles.

10Chandler posted on their college social network site that Ross died from being bit by a squirrel.

11Rachel’s high school prom date was named Chip Matthews.

1: True

2: False—they broke up because David had to move to Minsk for work.

3: False—it’s Muriel.

4: True

5: False—it’s animals dressed as humans.

6: True

7: True—plus, Ross got 4th place and cried.

8: True

9: False—it’s Hugsy the bedtime penguin pal.

10: False—he was hit by a blimp.

11: True

General trivia

1Where do Ross and Monica perform The Routine?

2What kind of doctor was Dr. Drake Ramoray?

3What does Rachel dress up as to get Joshua’s attention at Emily’s going away party?

4What does Phoebe change her name to after she marries Mike?

5What caused the fire in Phoebe and Rachel’s apartment?

6What book did Joey leave in the freezer because it scares him?

7When Ross and Rachel were on a break, Ross spent the night with Chloe. Where does Chloe work?

8When Chandler attended the Geller Thanksgiving dinner in 1987, which dish of Monica’s did Chandler compliment?

9What does Joey do to get back at Chandler for hiding all of his clothes?

10What does Monica’s mom Judy call it whenever someone makes a mistake?

1: While filming Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 1999

2. A neurosurgeon

3. A cheerleader

4: Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock

5: Rachel left a hair straightener plugged in.

6: The Shining by Stephen King

7: Xerox place

8: Her mac and cheese (which was “righteous”)

9: Joey wears all of Chandler’s clothes.

10: Pulling a Monica

Who said it?

1“Just so you know, it’s not that common, it doesn’t happen to every guy, and it is a big deal!”

2“I need a plan. A plan to get over my man. And what’s the opposite of a man? Jam!”

3“My two greatest enemies, Ross—Rachel Green and complex carbohydrates.”

4“There’s something wrong with the left phalange!”

5“I’m so sorry. I’ll go. Goodbye, Monica. I wish you a lifetime of happiness with him. Chandler, you call me when this goes in the pooper.”

6“They’re still not coming off, man. And the lotion and the powder have made a paste!”

7“You can’t just give up. Is that what a dinosaur would do?”

8“I was wondering if you’d like to go to a movie with me sometime—as my lover.”

9“Y-O-U-R-E means ‘you are.’”

10“Playing a little PlayStation, huh? That’s wack. PlayStation’s wack. Sup with the wack PlayStation sup?”

11“They’re different from my other friends. They don’t start sentences with ‘You know who just died shoveling snow?’”

12“That’s not even a word!”

1: Rachel

2: Monica

3: Brad Pitt as Will

4: Phoebe

5: Janice

6: Ross

7: Joey

8: Gunther

9: Ross

10: Joey

11: Richard

12: Monica

How did you do at the Friends trivia quiz?

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