Courteney Cox scared us all by cutting her own bangs back to her notorious Scream 3 style

We’re seriously hoping Courteney Cox meant to play a trick rather than give us a treat. The actress took to Instagram last night, October 31st, to show us how she was getting in the Halloween spirit. It involved her watching Scream 3 and taking a pair of kitchen scissors to her hair. Needless to say, we’re spooked.

"It's Halloween, and I thought I'd get into the spirit of things and watch some of the Scream movies," Cox said in her Instagram video. "I chose Scream 3 and noticed that Gale Weathers has those infamous bangs."

Cox is referring to the incredibly short and spiky baby bangs her character sported in the third installment of the Scream franchise. “I don’t think anything’s that wrong with it,” Cox added before flipping the camera to show herself as Gale Weathers in Scream 3, which she had playing on her television. “I think they’re cool.”

If you need a refresher, here’s what Gale Weathers looked like in Scream 3. Yeah…they’re totally cool.

“I say I bring them back,” Cox continued. She then takes a pair of scissors to her overgrown bangs and hacks them into a version of those “cool” baby bangs from her Scream 3 era. “What do you think?” she asked.

Um…Well…Watch ’til the end for an even more shocking surprise.

Fellow celebs Laura Dern and Kate Hudson just commented with stunned and crying-laughing emojis. And actor Eric Stonestreet commented “Quality.”

We don’t know whether Cox used faux bangs to pull this trick on us, or if she really did cut her own hair with the intention of getting it styled professionally today. Either way, we’re LOLing hard and still reeling from that literal jump scare. We think we deserve a treat for getting through that without screaming.

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