A court just ruled that Charles Manson’s frozen remains will go to his grandson

In November 2017, Charles Manson, the notorious cult leader responsible for the murders of seven victims, died in police custody at the age of 83. Now, after his body has been stored on ice in an undisclosed location for months, a judge has ruled that Manson’s remains will go to a man who claims to be the criminal’s grandson.

Kern County Superior Court Commissioner Alisa Knight selected Jason Freeman to receive the body today, March 13th. Freeman’s claim that he was Manson’s grandson was ruled more credible than three other claims. One man, Michael Brunner, claimed to be Manson’s son, while memorabilia collector and friend of Manson, Michael Channels, said that he had a valid will entitling him to Manson’s remains. Knight ruled that Brunner could no longer be considered Manson’s son because he had been adopted by his mother’s parents, and she determined that the will Channels possessed was invalid.

Another man, Matthew Lentz also claimed to be Manson’s son and said that he had a will signed by Manson himself. However, Knight determined that Lentz had no proof of his relationship to Manson. According to the Los Angeles Times, a will filed with the Kern County coroner that is allegedly signed by Manson named Lentz as heir to the cult leader’s estate.

In an interview published in January, Freeman told the New York Times that he would like to give Manson a “proper burial” and that he would also like to gain more control over his father’s name.

Manson’s estate worth is not clear, but the convicted killer reportedly wrote several songs, including one Beach Boys hit. Additionally, although the criminal likely does not have much personal property, artifacts that he made while in prison, known as “murderabilia,” could potentially be sold for high prices. The matter of who will receive Manson’s belongings is being determined in Los Angeles.

The infamous murders that Manson planned caused many families a lot of pain and suffering. We hope that, with Manson gone and his body about to reach its final resting place, those affected by his crimes can finally reach the peace they deserve.