This couple’s wedding dance went viral because the’ve got moves for days

We all know what makes weddings so fun: the drinks, the cake, the drama and the DANCING! Oh, and the vows, yada yada yada. But mostly, it’s all about the dancing.

And that seems to be especially true for this couple who basically flash mobbed their way through their wedding reception. Except is it a flash mob if everyone is in on it? Because the entire wedding party was in on it. Every single guest danced along to hit after hit. After hit after hit.

Surprise wedding dances seem to be all the rage right now, but this one really takes the (wedding) cake. Since no one at the wedding was seemed to be surprised, the surprise was obviously for the 18,062,242 (and counting) people who viewed the video.

We have no idea how they choreographed the camera movements and dance moves with so many people, but they did it, and it worked. The newly weds started out by lip syncing to Frozen’s “Love is an Open Door,” which was obviously super adorbs. And from there, well, we won’t spoil it for you. 

Watch the video yourself, but be warned: It will almost definitely give you major dance envy and might make any married viewers immediately start planning vow renewals/dance choreography.


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