Finally, some couples tattoos you’ll never regret getting

When you’re in a committed relationship, maybe the only more permanent way to show your love and devotion than marriage is a couple’s tattoo. Sure, there’s laser removal, but I hear that can be more painful than spending a year in divorce court. So, if you and your beloved are thinking about expressing your undying adoration for each other in ink form, consider options that you would still love if the two of you split (not that you’re going to). Yes, it’s kind of sad to think about, but, on the bright side, if you guys get tattoos that you would both love no matter what, then that means they do that much better at reflecting your unique brand of love.

There are a few major characteristics to avoid when choosing couple’s tattoos that could work as regular, solo tattoos. Number one, above all else, is names. You don’t want to go through an excruciating break-up only to have future dates ask you who “Jason” is and why you have his name tattooed to your forearm. Think twice about tattoos that are incomplete on their own, like puzzle pieces, locks and keys, and only one half of Spongebob Squarepants’ face. You might be one part of a couple, but you are still your whole self!

That being said, the possibilities for amazing couple’s tattoos are endless. The Internet is full of beautiful examples. Here are some of our favorites.

A lion and a lioness: A lovely reminder to be brave and/or that you would totally be sorted into Gryffindor.

Emojis: You might stop loving your partner, but you will never stop loving the pizza emoji. 

Your Dog’s Face: Forever king of your heart.

Classic Cartoons: Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, no matter what.

Simple Outlines: As long as they aren’t outlines of your S.O.’s face, you should be fine.

Anything Star Wars: This ink will be epic for all of time.

Matching Art: Any tattoo can be a couple’s tattoo if you both get the same one. Just make sure you love the design (yourself) and it (you) can stand on it’s (your) own.

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