What Your Couple’s Halloween Costume Says About Your Relationship

What you wear on Halloween says a lot about you and your 'boo' — and how freaky you get in the bedroom.

Before we get into matching pajamas for the holidays, we have to get through the couples costumes on Halloween. Sure, you and your boo could do your own thing and dress up separately, but if you’re the kind of couple in-it-to-win-it (costume contests especially), taking time to get that themed outfit perfected will be totally worth it after the trick-or-treating is over.

“Going full out for Halloween can actually strengthen your relationship,” explains Laurel House, a relationship expert at eharmony. “No matter how much you love your love, or how amazing your connection is, Halloween is a great way to initiate a little extra intimate excitement.” 

House says that couples can feel more connected by communicating their desires and inspirations behind their costumes. A lot of it has to do with teamwork, creativity and collaboration — but the sexy side to spooky season is a lot of fun too.

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“Start by talking about your Halloween costumes together,” House elaborates. “Learn about each other’s fantasies, embrace new personas — wigs and all! — and role play!”

Of course, getting the “look” right is important, but there’s a lot to be said about the person in the costume as well — and the attitude you bring to it. 

“Stay in the role and don’t leave it until your costume is off,” House recommends. “You will be amazed by how much power infuses your energy, so much so that your entire relationship can shift for the better.”

Here are a few fun, easy, and award-worthy couples costumes anyone can pull off (especially in the bedroom later on). More than that, however, the duo you choose says a lot about who you are as a pair. Are you more “Top Gun,” or Beyoncé and a unicorn? Read on to find out.

1. Barbie & Ken

Get inspired by the power pink upcoming film starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. House says this costume is for the “perfect couple” — or the couple that presents themselves as perfect. 

“You have fun with the persona of being hot and now you get the opportunity to truly play that picture-perfection role,” she states. 

2. Kate and Anthony Bridgerton 

“Bridgerton” season 2 showed viewers the emotional intimacy and vulnerability of Kate and Anthony, outside of social norms and expectations. “They do it their way, without mincing words or hiding feelings,” House explains. “They are proof that putting emotional intimacy and vulnerability first can make for a truly intense connection.” 

House adds that if you want to be Kate and Anthony because you identify with their relationship, then your own is “powerful and for real.”

3. Ariel and Prince Eric 


House says that this costume is “proof that love at first sight exists.” There is something powerful that pulls you to your partner, even if you speak a different language. The attraction may be unspoken, but it’s highly potent.

“While you are so individually different and you come from incredibly different worlds, you have a common goal of tradition when it comes to relationships,” House adds. “You might be on the track for a traditional and acknowledged wedding that will finally publicly unite you into the same world.”   

4. Davide and Ekin Sue  

“Love Island” season 8 fans will love this couple’s costume, basically showing off your romantic roller coaster side. “Despite the breakup/makeup cycle along the way, you finally found your path and sealed the deal—maybe with a romantic meal and a commitment to the commitment,” House suggests.

You and your partner have drama and passion — but at the end of the day, you’re like an old married couple, according to House. She adds that there’s “a comfort that is palpable and a connection that you can’t help but return to. It’s like coming home.”  

5. Mabel and Alice 

“You two are in a slow-burn relationship,” House explains. “You are trying to build trust and overcome each other’s blocks and mistakes.”

It’s a familiar theme for those who follow the new hit murder mystery series “Only Murders in the Building.” Maybe you’re a bit artsy or mysterious, so use art as your form of emotional expression, like a Taylor Swift love song.

6. Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe 

Manifest the power behind one of the hottest athletic couples right now: WNBA star Sue Bird and Olympic gold medalist soccer player Megan Rapinoe. House says you and your partner exemplify strength, dedication and the determination to be the best.

“Together, you are even more legendary,” she continues. “You empower one another to push further, be better and achieve more. Because beside every great woman is a great woman.”  

7. Beyoncé and a sparkly horse 

Bring down the Halloween Haunted House by showing up as a pair inspired by Queen B’s newest album, “Renaissance.”

“You are all about being a statement of power and freedom to express exactly who you are as individuals and as a couple,” House says. “You are sexy beasts and you know it and have no shame in showing it.”  

8. Will and Noah 

If you are dressing as Will and Noah from “Fire Island,” the new-age version of “Pride and Prejudice,” House says you may have had “inaccurate preconceived notions of who you each are prior to getting together romantically, creating a slow-burn connection.”

This underlying connection led to exploring your own truths, which is likely how you and your partner realized you’re a perfect match and you can indeed have a happy ending. 

9. Fighter Pilots 

Whether you’re channeling Maverick and Goose-vibes, or just love the “Top Gun franchise,” according to House, “You are each other’s ‘ride or die,’” and “you feel the need for speed and you like to enter the danger zone on occasion.”

There are also classic lines like “take me to bed or lose me forever” you can sneak in there as well as a fun and hyper-dedicated pair. 

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