This couple waited nearly a decade to unwrap this wedding gift for a perfect reason

Couples sometimes take a while to open wedding gifts… but nine years?! Yet that’s exactly how long Kathy and Brandon Gunn waited. And it was for an amazing reason. This past May, they decided to open a gift that her Great Aunt Alison had given them that had a note affixed to it:

It said, “Do not open until 1st disagreement.”


Talk about suspense!


Now, there had obviously been plenty of disagreements, arguments and slammed doors throughout our 9 years,” Kathy had written in a Facebook post that she’d submitted to the page Love What Matters. “There were even a couple of instances where we both considered giving up … but we never opened the box.

They waited… and waited… not wanting to open it, because it would have symbolized our failure,” Kathy wrote.

Obvs, they did not seem excited to open it.


What could it even be, right?!


So, one day, they did open it… and this is what they found.


Yep, that’s two wine glasses, bath soaps, and two notes wrapped around money. One note read:

Kathy, go get a pizza, shrimp or something you both like. Get a “bath” ready.

The other read:

Brandon, go get flowers and a bottle of wine.

Awww. Best. Gift. Ever. We want an aunt like Great Aunt Alison.


Today, we decided to open that box, because I finally had a realization,” Kathy wrote. “I realized that the tools for creating and maintaining a strong, healthy marriage were never within that box — they were within us.


“Now that our story has gotten so much attention and has inspired others, it seems to be the gift that keeps on giving,” Kathy told People. She continued with some sound marriage advice we can totally use. “For the little things, learn how to disagree and move on,” she said. “For the bigger things, learn how to get mad and get over it. Giving up was never an option in our situation because we never had the illusion that marriage was going to be easy.”

Yep, we agree: #RelationshipGoals.

You can see the entire Love What Matters Facebook post here.