This couple’s train ride is going viral and swelling our hearts

Chicago’s El isn’t exactly where you’d imagine to see something heartwarming. As with many major city transit systems, most people are just keeping their heads down and trying to go about their business. But one couple in the Windy City took a little time to do something so kind, a picture of them is going viral.

On the Blue Line, one man noticed a couple going out of their way to help someone in need. A homeless man was sleeping on the train, and before getting off the train, these two riders decided to give him a hand by slipping him some money. Courtney White and his wife, Tanya Prewitt-White, were riding home from the airport when they noticed the disabled man.

“We were getting off at Irving Park, and I had grabbed some money to give him,” Tanya told The Chicago Tribune yesterday. “My husband had the same idea, so he already had money out to give him. I handed my additional money to my husband, and he just slipped it all into the gentleman’s bag, and we walked off.”

But someone spotted them, and decided to share that act of kindness with the world.

In a Facebook post that has since been shared over 70,000 times and has received responses from around the world, Jack Stankovic shouted out the kind couple, with the following message:

“These 2 people must be put on blast. I am on the #blueline heading towards the city when I spot something rare and sometimes unheard of. There was a disabled homeless man in a wheelchair sleeping, this guy in the picture reached over and slipped some money into the homeless man’s bag. No one else noticed but me. This wasn’t spare change, and the homeless man wasn’t bother or asking for anything from anyone. This couple got off at the #irvingpark station. Thank you sir for reestablishing my faith in humanity. You sir are a true gentleman. #cta #goodsamaritan #karma let’s all share and thank this guy and his girl.”

We totally second that, Jack!

(Image via Facebook)