This couple has been texting on Tinder for three years, and the internet has fallen for their unique love story

Anyone who has ever used a dating app has been there. You match with someone and message each other off and on for months without ever meeting up. You’re busy. They’re busy. You engage in loads of witty banter, but eventually, you just stop talking because the momentum is gone. The conversation dies and you forget about the other person almost entirely. But can you say you’ve messaged someone for ~three years~ without ever meeting up? WHAT? Well, Michelle Arendas and Josh Avsec can.

The Kent State University students matched on Tinder three years ago and have been talking ever since.

To them, it’s a bit of a joke, but for Tinder HQ, it’s a challenge. The dating app wants these two to meet up so badly that they’ve offered to fly them to any city in the world for their first date. The two chose Maui, and the internet is going bananas with excitement.

This is Michelle:

And this is Josh:

Here’s how it happened. Josh initially messaged Michelle something simple, “Hey Michelle,” but she missed the message and took two months to respond. When she finally did, she joked, “Hey sorry my phone died!” Lol. They spent the next year or so sporadically messaging one another every couple months with this same joke.

“I was not really expecting he would message me back and play along with it,” Michelle told Buzzfeed. “I thought my message to him would be the end of it.”

Josh also didn’t think much of it. “I didn’t think she was interested,” Avsec said to Buzzfeed. “I just took it as a joke, so every couple of months I’d check Tinder and I’d get a message.”

Check out the exchange here:


Josh tweeted about it on July 7th, Tinder employees saw it, and then they tweeted out the big offer.

Tinder then responded:


The two seem super excited. After the fact, both Michelle and Josh voiced their disbelief with the whole situation:

It’s unclear when these two are going and what’s going to happen when they finally do meet. Josh seems pretty excited. “Everything is going great and I love talking with her, but I don’t want to rush anything,” Avsec told Buzzfeed. “Conversation has been so easy with her.”

So far, the internet is invested in this love story.


We hope they are a good match. How incredible would that be? Dating app goals, for sure.

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