This couple only met because of a Facebook glitch—and they ended up getting married

A guy accidentally logged into a complete stranger’s Facebook account due to a crazy glitch, and now they’re married! Here’s how it happened…

Six years ago, Schuler Benson turned on his phone and discovered that it was somehow logged into someone else’s Facebook account. He couldn’t figure out how or why it happened or who this stranger was—he lived in Arkansas and she lived in Colorado. They didn’t even have any mutual friends. But he was stuck in her Facebook account for an entire week.

The person on the other end of the ordeal was Celeste Zendler. While Benson was logged in to Zendler’s account, he would write status updates on her page.

“Once again, this is not Celeste,” Benson wrote as Zendler. “If any of her friends are online, please tell me how to LOG OUT of fb mobile.”

Zendler would respond to him while still logged in to her own account.

“Uh, well this IS Celeste and if you scroll down to the bottom and hit log out it should work. Weird that you are logged in at the same time as me…”

They tried fixing the glitch, but nothing worked. Finally they decided to become Facebook friends to see if that would fix the problem, and it did.

Benson and Zendler were finally able to move on with their lives under their own Facebook accounts. But they never deleted each other as friends.

“I never did (delete him) because I enjoyed his status updates. He would post such funny stuff that I liked having him in my feed. We commented here and there on each other’s statuses and that is how we got to know one another,” Zendler told Heavy.

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