Couple Married for 83 Years Says Goodbye

Here’s a little bit of tender news for all of you hopeless romantics out there. The longest marriage in the United States has come to an end. Victoria and Steven Wrubel were married in 1929, and spent 83 happy years together, until Victoria passed away last Monday.

“They made a mark,” said Victoria’s niece, Jane Messing to The Detroit Free Press. “They took care of each other. They loved each other and set an example.”

Victoria and Steven were childhood friends, who blossomed into teenage sweethearts, and said their “I do’s” when Victoria was 18, and Steven was 20. Though they had no children, they enjoyed over forty years of retirement. To put that in perspective, they retired in 1973, before disco was even a thing.

Married at the cusp of the Great Depression, Victoria and Steven experienced their fair share of hardships. But from financial woes to health scares, they managed to stick it out. Think of all the things they witnessed together! I will let the great Billy Joel break it down for you:

Billy Joel: We Didn’t Start The Fire

According to The Tampa Bay Times, when Steven was asked what he thought of the title of longest married couple, he laughed and said, “that just means we’re old!”

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